EPL: Chelsea manager blasts Players after 2-0 loss


Chelsea manager

Chelsea manager,Maurizio Sarri has attacked his Chelsea players, questioning their mentality following their 2-0 loss to Arsenal in the premier league clash on Saturday.

Alexandre Lacazette and Laurent Koscielny added a whooping three points to Gunners , which saw them moved closer to  the fourth-placed Blues to enliven the race for Champions League qualification.

Sarri expressed dissatisfaction with his boys during the post-match press conference, switching to his native Italian when questioning the player’s mentality and also their personality.

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‘I have to say I’m extremely angry, very angry indeed,’ he said. ‘This defeat was due to our mentality, more than anything else. This is something I can’t accept. We had a similar issue in the league game at Tottenham (in November).

‘I thought we’d overcome this issue. But it appears we still have this issue. This group of players are extremely difficult to motivate.’

Chelsea manager regularly criticised his players’ determination and motivation this season, but went a step further in analysing their flaws.

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‘It seems to me that, as a group of players, they’re not particularly aggressive from a mental point of view,’ he added. ‘They don’t have that ferocity in their mentality. That’s down to the type of players they are, their characteristics.

‘It’s something that is difficult to change. It could take quite a long time.’


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