Burnley 2-1 Spurs: we are not ‘real title contenders’ Pochettino


Mauricio Pochettino who had said his team’s title hopes were but tied to the match against Burnley has accepted they can no longer hope to be main contenders after they fell in Burnley 2-1 Spurs defeat at on Saturday.

Speaking after the match,the spurs boss recapped;

“I said, for me this game is going to be key to put pressure on our opponents. If we didn’t win, we cannot put pressure and we cannot think now of being a real contender. It is a massive opportunity lost for us,”

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He however vented his frustration at referee Mike Dean in a furious confrontation at the end of the game but he said that the blame for the loss lay squarely at his team.

“You want to win for the emotion, you know how important was the game and when you feel so disappointed and upset, you make some mistakes,”

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“We made some mistakes on the pitch and I made some mistakes afterwards on the pitch. I need to go to the dressing room and drink some water but what happened, happened. We need to see inside ourselves,” The Argentine added

Pochettino is likely to face an FA charge over his behaviour at the conclusion.


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