2023: Bode George reaffirms stand to run against Tinubu

Bode George
ChiefBode George

A former Deputy National Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, Chief bode George has again affirmed he will contest against Bola Tinubu if the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC National Leader decides to contest.

This is because Chief has said he wouldn’t want to see Tinubu become the president of Nigeria as he is not a good manager of resources.

Speaking to DailyTrust, Pa George said “The moment I read that the APC will zone the Presidency to the South-West so that Bola can contest, I said to myself, I have put in far more and I would contest against him.

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“Why? Because we all experienced what he did as a manager of this state. Whatever it takes, if he comes out, I’ll fight against him.

“To be assertive and to confirm, I am very much interested in the presidential race.

Asked if he had a personal disagreement with Tinubu, George said he just disapproves of the national leader’s methodology and has no personal issues.

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“There is nothing personal. It is just about his methodology, his system of governance, the lack of respect for the poor people of this country.

“My major interest is not in being a candidate or becoming the president of Nigeria but finding a solution to various challenges plaguing the country,” George added.

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