Married man contracts coronavirus while on vacation with side chick in Italy

Convid – 19 Victim

A married man has reportedly been isolated in the UK after he contracted the widely spread, coronavirus while on vacation with his side chic in Italy.

The victim’s wife has not yet been informed on how the husband got the disease, although he confessed to medical coordinators in the hospital where he is being admitted.

He told them that he contracted the virus while he was on a secret holiday in the hotspot.

‘His case would be funny if it wasn’t quite so serious. The man confessed what he’d been up to in Italy, and that his wife has no idea.

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‘She thinks he just picked up the disease on his business trip away. Although the patient admitted to medics what had happened, he said nothing would persuade him to name his mistress.’

He is expected to make a full recovery from the infection but is said to be in a ‘blind panic’ at the thought of his wife finding out, a source told Sun.

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However, he’s said to be relieved and got back before flights were cancelled and he had to explain to his wife where he’d been.

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