Leader of Ogboni cult offers to cleanse Nigeria of Covid-19

Ogboni cult leader – Oba Olakisan

Oba Olakisan Adetoyese, leader of the Aborigine Ogboni worldwide, has offered to perform rituals to appease to gods in bid to end the scourge of coronavirus in Nigeria.

According to Oba Adetoyese, the federal government should tackle the pandemic disease with traditional and spiritual means.

The head of fraternity made this known in a statement made available to journalists in Osogbo, Osun State on Saturday.

He said that coronavirus should be fought with spiritual power and not only scientific means.

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The statement read, “the disease is not an ordinary one and it demands spiritual solution to send it packing. Several terrible epidemics in the past had always been tackled through spiritual means even when there was no medical or scientific know-how.

“I offered to embark on spiritual activities to curb the disease in the country and I will meet with some selected Governors in the South West on ways to avert the spread of the disease.

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“Also, I am ready to appease the gods through rituals in some selected cities within the South West region as a means of solving the epidemic.

He called on traditional rulers and other religious leaders especially Muslims and Christians to also embark on spiritual activities to curb the menace of coronavirus ravaging the entire world.

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