China tops int’l flights, denies foreigners entry to country

Chinese President – Xi Jinping

The Chinese government has suspended all international flights and barred foreign nationals from entering the country.

This according to the Chinese government, is to take a precautionary measure to stop the spread and return of the deadly coronavirus disease.

The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs made this known in an announcement on Thursday, stating that the ban will take effect from Saturday, March 28.

According to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there is no date yet as to when the ban will end, though the measures taken will be ”calibrated in light of the evolving situation and announced accordingly”.

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The Ministry also stated that the ban placed would equally affect non-citizens with residence permits and valid visa while diplomats and those providing necessary economic, scientific or technological services or emergency humanitarian support are excluded from the restriction.

The ministry said that the government was worried that International travelers might trigger a second coronavirus infection, stating that the announcement was made after official Chinese data showed that the country had almost curbed domestic transmission of the virus but was finding it difficult to curtail a growing number of people who were infected overseas.

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This is coming after 55 new cases of the virus was recorded in the country with 54 of them coming from overseas.

Meanwhile, the Chinese National Health Commission on Friday, March 27, announced 81,340 confirmed cases and 3,292 death in the country.

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