COVID-19: WHO reveals when football will resumes



The World Health Organization (WHO) has reportedly called for the suspension of all football matches until the end of next season, 2021.

This is following the increasing cases of Coronavirus across the world.

There are over two million confirmed cases recorded globally since Coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China.

According to Italian paper, La Repubblica, WHO during a conference call with UEFA, said it is prefererable for all matches to be put on hold until at least the end of next season, in 18 months’ time.

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However, the WHO is considering all possible ways, but is concerned about causing a second wave of the pandemic.

The organization stressed that they are prepared to go extreme lengths to ensure that there is not a second wave of coronavirus.

This could plunge a huge number of clubs into financial instability as some teams have introduced a pay cut on their players.

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We reported that, Arsenal confirmed that its players and coaches face 12.5 percent pay cuts to ease financial difficulties during the Coronavirus crisis.


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