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Face mask can cause failure of ATM transactions – banks



Findings revealed that some banks have facial detection software built in their ATMs that may prevent an ATM from distributing cash if the user’s face is not identifiable.

While the banks have introduced the wearing of face masks as a condition to enter the banking halls, they have also advised customers to remove it when they want to withdraw money from ATMs.

In an email addressing its customers on steps to keep transactions protected, Fidelity Bank said, “Wearing face masks is a protection and precautionary measure to which we must all adhere in this COVID-19 pandemic period.

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“However, we advise that you remove your face mask while making withdrawals or carrying out ATM transactions to allow our ATM properly recognise you.

“Fidelity Bank ATM machines have face detection features installed to curb incidences of fraudulent ATM withdrawals.

“Consequently, you may not be able to carry out any transaction if our ATMs are not able to properly recognise you. We apologise for the inconvenience that this may cause you.”

As lockdown continues to ease gradually, banks have continued to expand their operations.

In an email to its customers, Guaranty Trust Bank Plc listed its branches that would be accessible to customers.

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It said, “When visiting any of our branches, kindly protect yourself by wearing a face mask at all times. It is also very important that you keep a safe distance when in a queue inside or outside the branch.

“Before visiting any of our branches, please remember that you can withdraw up to N150,000 at all our ATMs and that you can do most of your banking from the safety of your home.

GTBank said the customers could bank through its e-payment platforms.


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