How Gabriel Jesus wants to celebrate if City wins Champions League.


Gabriel Jesus plans to celebrate  if city wins champions league

How Gabriel Jesus plans to celebrate if Man City wins Champions League.

Manchester city striker, Gabriel Jesus has promised to get  new tattoo when City lifts Champions League Trophy for the season.

Guardiola’s side have appeared to be favorite after the quarter-final draw paired them with Premier League rivals Tottenham.

It will take them to face Juventus or Ajax who ended Real Madrid’s bid to win four Champions Leagues in a row in the last four.

”If we win the Champions League, then I think I will have to get a new tattoo because it is such a big competition. The tattoos I have now are about my life – and football is my life, so, of course, I would like something to remind me of the Champions League.

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”I have won the Premier League in England and I won the Brazilian championship with Palmeiras. I didn’t get tattoos for those but I have a tattoo for winning the gold medal for Brazil at the Olympics in Rio and I think one for the Champions League would be good.

”I’d be happy to one day run out of skin because I want to win all the titles. That’s why I say football is my life.”

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Gabriel Jesus ,21 already has five Olympic rings tattooed on his wrist, and a portrait of his mother Vera Lucia inked on to his shoulder. He also carries a tattoo of former Palmeiras team-mate Tininho, who was shot death at 16.



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