Those Behind South Kaduna Killings – El-Rufai exposed

Those Behind South Kaduna Killings – El-Rufai exposed

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has charged some religious leaders with fanning the flames that cause violence and Killings in the state of Kaduna.

He made that known when he received Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba, a delegation headed by Primate of the Anglican Church of Nigeria. sport

El-Rufai said “the main drivers of this violence are a few clerics that use their platforms, not to preach peaceful co-existence or promote our common humanity.

“Rather, they use their platforms and revered positions to divide and incite violence.”

Speaking earlier, Most Rev. Ndukuba called on both Christians and Muslims to work to make the nation better.

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“I believe that if Christians will stand for what they believe and Muslims will stand for what they believe, and each one does what he should do in consideration of his brother and sister and neighbour, I believe that we have all that it takes to be a great nation,” he said.

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