Family Sources: Mamman Daura Still In Good Health, traveled to UK

Family Sources: Mamman Daura Still In Good Health, traveled to UK

The nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari, Mamman Daura was reportedly flying out of the country on Wednesday due to an undisclosed illness.

However, the Presidency debunked the news that President Buhari ‘s nephew, Mamman Daura, was flying out of the country for medical check-up

Reports making rounds noted that he experienced “Consistent with COVID-19” breathing problems on Friday, and was officially flown out for treatment on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, a family member who spoke on the condition of anonymity with the cabal said, “It is true he travelled to the UK on Wednesday. Every other thing is imagined, just to give the story some sensation. He is in good health”

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Another family member said: “It is impossible that a man, who is over 80, would have breathing problems on Friday and the family would wait for five days before flying him abroad in an emergency. A man having breathing problems on Friday would not attend a public funeral on Tuesday.” questions

“The reports said he was flown out in a private jet, although people with medical emergencies are usually flown in air ambulances.”

“More so, what country in the world is receiving foreign COVID-19 patients at this time? You are required to be COVID negative before you can fly. Every country is paying priority to their own citizens because of the overwhelming nature of the pandemic.”

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“Mallam did not travel to the UK to treat COVID-19 or because of any medical emergency. He is in good health. He went for his regular check-up and there is nothing strange about that.”

Recalling that there is currently a ban on international air travel, the source said “this is a completely different matter … there were special flights allowed from the country, and this does not mean that those approved to fly had COVID-19.”

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