Unknown Gunmen kill over 20 people at Niger State

Niger State
Unknown Gunmen kill over 20 people at Niger State

Around 17 local vigilante men in Dukku town of Rijau Local Government Area of Niger State were killed by armed bandits.

Furthered information revealed that the local vigilante killed three of the bandits.

Bandit attacks frightened the Dukku group, who resolved to launch an assault on the bandits hidding in the area’s forests.

However, the planned attack was leaked and this led to the ambush by the bandits and killing of the 17 local security men, while the vigilante retaliated by killing three of the bandits.

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While confirming the incident, the chairman of the Rijau Local Government Region, Bawa Bello said while the bandits killed some vigilante members, some bandits were killed by local security men in response.

He stated, “Yes it happened, we killed some of the bandits and the bandits killed some of our men.”

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“I have submitted a written report to the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and for more details contact him, he is our boss he should give you the details.”

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