Messi knocks down a biker with his BMW M3 car


Lionel, Jorge Messi

Father to Barcelona star, Lionel Messi,on Thursday night was taken to a police station after he knocked a biker with his BMW M3 car, according to UK Mirror.

24-year-old unnamed was reportedly left briefly unconscious after the collision at a crossroads in Rosario, Argentina before rushed down to the hospital.

Jorge Messi was driven to a nearby police station, so they could check his vehicle documents as an ambulance conveyed the injured man to hospital where he was attended to.

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According to report, the incident which occurred around 8pm left the young man unconscious after being knocked to the ground, but his injuries were categorized as ”non-serious” after he went through medical examinations at Rosario’s Clemente Alvarez Hospital A&E.



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