EPL: 70-match mark no more visible – Kevin De Bruyne


Kevin De Bruyne

70-match mark no more visible – Kevin De Bruyne.

Manchester city midfielder, Kevin De Bruyne has said his hunger for 60 or 70 games tally is no longer a reality following series of injuries he has had so far this season.

‘I had a good performance but last year I could do it every three days for almost 60 or 70 games. I can’t reach that tally anymore.

“It’s only if everything goes right – like 13 or 14 games [in succession]. I [will] give everything I have and hopefully, in the end, we can lift a few titles.

‘I feel sometimes my season has had double the length of other players because every time [with an injury] you need to be in, you need to make almost double the hours. You never have a day off because you need to work on your recovery. It’s more draining than to play in the end.

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‘A lot of the time you’re alone, but you have to do it. I did it and I’m happy I’m back. I’ve been injured and have had to come back three or four times now.”

Ahead of the FA Cup semi-final against Brighton, De Bruyne was asked if he could reach top form again this season,

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but he said ‘No, probably not – not compared with last year.

‘I don’t know what my level is going to be, but I don’t really care. Now it’s the business end and I just need to do what I can to help the team win games.

‘If that means playing five games or 10 games, I’ll take it. It’s been that kind of season, he added.


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