UCL: Messi always appears – Catalans boss, Valverde


Ernesto Valverde

Catalans boss, Ernesto Valverde, has his side’s victory to Lionel Messi after they knocked Manchester United with 3-0 at Camp Nou on Tuesday night.

Valverde’s side took home a 1-0 advantage at Old Trafford last week Wednesday to took something bitter for the English side in their second leg tie.

Messi despite all the tight corners by the Red devils scored twice to end his own quarter-final drought, and Valverde was understandably pleased with his Argentine.

‘Messi always appears,

‘Not only in moments, but in the games as a whole.

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‘He scores but is also the offensive weight of our team.”

Later helped his fellow, Philippe Coutinho add a third for the Catalans where he celebrated by putting his fingers in his ears in what appeared to be a message to those who have criticized him.

On Coutinho’s gesture Valverde said he has no idea about what it stands for when asked ;

‘I don’t know, I haven’t seen it,

‘I don’t know what it means, so he’ll have to explain it.

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‘I’m happy with the goal and what he contributed.”

The Catalans boss was spotted echoing Messi’s comments as he expressed his happiness with the performance.

‘It’s our way of playing,

‘Sometimes it’s better and others it’s not as good.

‘It was a very complete quarter-final in the first leg and the second. It was a great game after some problems at the beginning,the Catalans boss explained.


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