Ex-Arsenal boss, Wenger Predicts who will be Club next manager


Ex-Arsenal boss, Arsene wenger

Ex-Arsenal boss,Arsene Wenger has tipped Patrick Vieira as Arsenal future manager,The Sun Uk reports.

The Ex-Arsenal boss made his prediction while speaking to Canal Football Club on Tuesday;

”I see him as the Arsenal coach one day because I think he is too young to go directly into international football.

”I think his life will go through club football. He has constructed his career intelligently and patiently.

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”He left when he was young, he went to New York, he is now in Nice and he has taken time to mature and learn his profession.

”And something you can’t give: he has a natural charisma. He is both elegant and authoritative.

”He has passed through a difficult time at Nice but he showed no signs of weakness.

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”It is in times of crisis you see the coach,he said.


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