‘I tried to kill myself’ Adebayor shares a shocking story


Emmanuel Adebayor

Former Premier League star,Emmanuel Adebayor, who played for Arsenal, Man City and Tottenham as a striker, has shared a shocking story about his career.

In an interview with Daily Mail,Adebayor revealed how failures almost forced him to take his life if not for a friend who reminded him he has many things to live for.

‘My family was poor and in certain situations, there is great solidarity among the members that compose it. However, as soon as one makes it, it’s like he owes all of them.

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‘At Metz, they gave me £3K a month, my family asked for a house worth £500K, and the club was tired of my behaviour. I remember that one night, I sat on my bed and thought ‘what am I doing here? No one is happy with me’.

‘I had a pharmacy under my apartment, so I bought packages and packets of pills. They didn’t want to sell them to me, but I said I needed them to do charity in Togo. I made the preparations, I drank all the water.

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‘Then I called my best friend at midnight. He told me I had to calm down, that there were important things that were worth living for. He saved me,” he added.


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