Our season is a success even if we end without a trophy – Klopp


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Our season is a success even without a trophy – Klopp.

Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp has said his side has had a “very, very successful” season ,even if it means finishing without a trophy.

The Reds are still praying a miracle should happen in the Premier League as they also pursue Champions League title against Barcelona,but believes though it could turn the other way,they have had a successful run so far;

“A lot of supporters from other clubs will be happy if we fail. They’re still behind us [in the table], apart from Man City. It’s all okay, really,” Klopp told UK newspapers.

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“At the very beginning when I came to Liverpool, I realised this club has to do it the hard way, so we’ll do it the hard way. That’s how it is, because luck is not constantly with us.

“It’s not like, ‘wow, again!’ We have to really work for it and the boys are ready and the whole club is ready for that. I was not sure against Newcastle if we could do it, but we did it. I’m absolutely proud.

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“Whatever happens, it will be a very, very successful season and I’m pretty sure that all our supporters can see it like this.”

“Before you start the season, the problem is already clear. You want to be champions, and the day when you realise you can’t be champions, you’re disappointed, Klopp said.



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