Champions League exit left us with deep wound – Busquets



Champions League exit left us with deep wound – Busquets

Barcelona and Spanish international midfielder,Sergio Busquets has admitted that his side’s Champions League defeat in the semi-final to Liverpool left them with a deep wound.

Busquets said this after Barcelona clamped on Getafe with a 2-0 win dashing away their hopes of top-four finish on Sunday.

”We knew we had to play today, but it was really difficult for everyone,” the midfielder told the media in Spain.

”We wanted to be at 100 percent but it was a struggle because of what happened at Liverpool.

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”We have to keep going and we have to focus on the Copa del Rey final. Hopefully, the wound which the club the players and the fans have will heal.

”The challenge ahead isn’t a small one, either. The double’s no small thing but the wound from Liverpool is deep. We have to keep going and hopefully those that are injured recover quickly.”

Injuries in Barcelona’s front line got worse, not better, on Sunday as Philippe Coutinho was also taken off having been confirmed he’ll miss about ten days.

The Catalan fans whistled the players today and Busquets said he understood their frustration, before commending their loyalty.

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”We have to be grateful to the fans. It seems that we’re not living in this world at times but we are. We know how fans are feeling but their behaviour has been spectacular.

”They showed their disappointment at first, but after that, they were 10 out of 10. We’re all p*ssed off, but we have to keep going. There’s nothing else for it.


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