Ozil surprises ill Arsenal youngster with invitation to his house for kickabout



Mesut Ozil has surprised Arsenal youngster

Arsenal star, Mesut Ozil has surprised Arsenal youngster with invitation to his house for kickabout helping the eight-year-old boy forget illness.

Callum Axford, from Essex, was given the ultimate surprise after he was told by his parents that he was heading for a doctor’s appointment, when in fact he was invited to Ozil’s home instead.

The eight-year-old boy was born prematurely with congenital diaphragmatic hernia and is currently living with neurofibromatosis, chronic lung Disease and cerebral palsy. Due to his condition, Callum must visit hospital regularly for check-ups and to monitor his lungs.

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And to today appeared to be his most happiest day when Ozil, who is an ambassador for the charity Rays of Sunshine, surprised Callum and his sister Sophie by inviting them to his house rather than their presumed doctor’s office.

The Arsenal youngster was given a tour of his favourite footballer’s property and also got to show off his football skills to the Arsenal star.

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Coincidentally, both Callum and his sister had decided to wear Arsenal jerseys as they wanted to ask the doctor if he was an Arsenal supporter.

Ozil, who has met Callum before at Rays of Sunshine meetings, later shared a video of the meeting on Instagram, with the caption:

”It was great to surprise my mate Callum at my house, always enjoy our special time together”.


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