Messi dreams to retire with international trophy 


international trophy 

Barcelona super star and Argentine Lionel Messi has a dream he will will hang boot with an accepted an international trophy.

Messi said this in an interview with FOX Sports Argentina ahead of Copa America,where he  said he would love to win a trophy with the National team before ending his playing career.

“2014 was our year. Unfortunately we had a lot of injuries. It’s so unfair because we were so good in the qualifiers and unfortunately we couldn’t replicate that in the world cup.”

“In the 2018 World Cup, we weren’t favorites. We were missing something. However, this year I like the squad. There’s a lot of young players with motivation to win.”

“I want to finish my career and win something with the national team or try as many times as possible, not to be left with people who did not want me or bad comments towards me.”

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“I do not want to be left with the feeling that it did not happen and I let opportunities pass by.”

Opportunity to win the next World Cup could pass Messi by, though, as he’s confessed that he doesn’t know if he will make it to the tournament in Qatar.

“I do not know if I will reach the World Cup in Qatar,” Messi said. “God will decide whether it is given to me or not.

“Today I feel great, very well physically, but I’m [almost] 32 years old and I don’t know how it’s going to go.

“A lot of things can happen, I hope I don’t have any serious injuries.”

A World Cup and three-time Copa America runner-up, Messi has another chance to add that elusive international title this summer as Argentina go to the Copa America in Brazil.

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Argentina will take Colombia on June 15 in their first fixture before further group games against Paraguay and Qatar.

Messi helped Barcelona close in to the Champions League final against Liverpool, but he was powerless to prevent the comeback at Anfield when theu fell to 4-0 defeat

After a similar collapse against Roma in the same competition last season, Messi could be forgiven for thinking Barcelona were cursed.

But after seven years of raising his children, he knows the example he has to set.

”That’s life,” he said. “You stumble but you get back up and fight for your dreams.

”Getting up, trying again, is the message for children who like to watch me.


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