Ronaldo motivates me to do better – Messi


Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has said that having Cristiano Ronaldo as his rival is something very beneficial and has helped him do better while he defends Suarez who is under critics recently for his poor performance,Fox Argentina reports.

“He’s a special player. The whole league misses him, including me. The healthy rivalry between Cristiano and I is something that you rarely see.

“There is no battle but a healthy one. Cristiano is a great player and of course, he motivates me to be even better.”

The Golden Shoe winner also talked about his good friend Suarez. He said: “Everyone attacks Suarez for his knee surgery, but it was necessary. He didn’t miss the final by choice. He tore his meniscus vs Liverpool.”

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Messi reveals he still has a Whatsapp group with Neymar and Suarez, the former now links tightly with Barca again.

“Neymar is a phenomenon and yes, we continue to talk. The name of the group has something to do with South America … ‘The Three Sudacas’ or something like that.” he told Fox Sports Argentina.

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Speaking about his former coach Guardiola, Messi said: “Pep? He prepares for each game in different style & tells you exactly how he thinks it will be played out.

”He taught me a lot of stuff & about tactics. We did exactly how he wanted and ran just like he wanted. Everyone saw how we played.”

“I miss Xavi and Iniesta. On the pitch obviously, but off the pitch as well. We are friends”


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