‘I still don’t understand what it is Messi did’ – Scaloni


Obama and messiArgentina coach,Scaloni defends Messi for accusing CONMEBOL of setting up the Copa in Brazil’s favour as well as being sent off the pitch.

Coach Lionel Scaloni admitted being surprised to have seen Messi sent off the pitch during their Copa America third place play-off and questioned the use of VAR in two key games for his side.

He did not go quite as far as his captain, he nevertheless had some harsh words for the standard of refereeing on Saturday and in the Albiceleste’s semi-final defeat to hosts Brazil.

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“I still don’t understand what it is Messi did to get sent off,” he fired in a press conference.

“I feel that we should be playing the final right now, but we got the consolation prize of winning the third-place game, which is the least we had to do.

“We believe that when one of us is hit we all are, in a football sense. You cannot look away when a team-mate is mistreated.

“We saw it with Leo and with others too. We built a team through our unity.”

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He also turned his attention on VAR, after suggesting before the match Argentina played “against eight men in black” in reference to the officials during the Brazil match.

“The sensation from the game today is even stranger than the other day. I still don’t get the criteria for VAR in this Copa,” he added.

“Either the criteria is wrong, or [the referees] cannot agree on anything. I think that they still are unsure about the VAR system.”


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