Argentina risks losing Copa America 2020 hosting over CONMEBOL exit plan


conmebolCONMEBOL could strip Argentina’s rights to host the Copa America 2020 following speculations they will leave the Confederacion,Fox Sports Colombia,reports.

“CONMEBOL is waiting to see what are the movements of Argentina after the controversy, CONMEBOL is in no hurry to resolve anything,” said renowned journalist MartĂ­n LĂ­berman.

“CONMEBOL wonder if AFA want to organize the Copa America 2020. CONMEBOL hope AFA won’t quit the and already talked with Colombia.

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“If Argentina, suspicious of CONMEBOL’s structure and want to pull out, the association would cancel its right to host the Copa America 2020 and to be hosted only by Colombia. ”

“CONMEBOL will not decide anything and hope Argentina will make the decision.”


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