UCL: How Klopp lambasted Bayern players after goalless draw


Liverpool Boss, Jurgen Klopp, has blasted Bayern Munich players, after they ended their first leg Champions League tie with a goalless draw on Tuesday night,stating specifically that they played to make a draw.

The two teams though equipped with world-class attacking stars in their teams ended the tightly contested match at Anfield without a single goal.

In an after match interview with BT Sport, Klopp said “Bayern is kind of in a trouble “mimics bunny ears” and they get really serious let me say it like this. That’s how it is. If they’d been full of confidence tonight and played easy football we would have had more space but we didn’t have.

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”Both centre-half pairings had a lot of the ball and played around, both teams were waiting for the trigger when you can press and stuff like that, so that’s really intense for the front three and pretty much for everybody so not a lot of things happened.

”We had our moments but in these moments you have to score, that’s how it is and then the game changes completely but because nobody scored… and then you saw in the last couple of minutes Bayern was shooting the ball away and had cramps here and there so it was an intense game for both sides.

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”It was not a game you will remember in 20 years let me say it like this”.


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