Zidane feeling positive despite a humiliating 7-3 defeat



Atletico Madrid humiliated rivals Real Madrid at the MetLife Stadium last night winning 7-3 in New Jersey and Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane despite the defeat was positive.

Interviewed after the game, Zidane showed he’s not panicking; ”what happened is that we entered the game very badly. A high level competition, we entered very badly.

”At eight minutes we went 2-0. There was no response from us to change something. The first part was difficult, no We never entered the game. We have lacked everything. Especially intensity. What is necessary at this level. ”

“They scored seven goals, it can’t happen. That is also known to the players, who are disappointed. You don’t have to spin it over. It’s a preseason game. They’ve been better at everything. And now is. There is nothing more to talk about. ”

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On the players are failing him, the manager said; “No, nothing. We are preparing a season and being calm. We have to be on August 17, with the first League game. For now we have lacked things for sure tonight.”

Atmosphere: “It’s a good stadium. People from all over the world come. We couldn’t win for them.”

“When you start with the 0-2 it is more complicated. Then there are gaps and that has happened to us. I am thinking about the start of the game. In such a match if there is no intensity you can get into difficulties”

About new signing, Eden Hazard if he under-performed, Zidane consume the blame instead.

“It is not a low performance of Hazard. They are all. I am the first. We are wrong in everything, especially at the beginning.”

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Lack of motivation: “We will be motivated. I have no doubt about that. Our season is going to be good. I am convinced. Today we cannot be happy. For the rest I am convinced that I have a team that will compete and very well. That’s it. We have to go back and get some rest. ”

And lastly he said the defeat doesn’t affect him as he looks forward to more ties in La Liga.

“It doesn’t worry me but it hurts. When you lose … you don’t play to lose. But that’s it, we can’t look back. It’s a bad game and you have to think about what we’ve done.”

Rest and think about the start of LaLiga.


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