Tambuwal vs Aliyu : Tribunal Decides!


  Tambuwal vs Aliyu : Case Postponed

atiku vs tambuwal

The Governorship Election Petition Tribunal, in Sokoto on Thursday, dismissed until Sept. 3 for the appropriation of definite locations in the appeal documented by Ahmed Aliyu and the All Progressives Congress, APC, testing the statement of Gov. Aminu Tambuwal as champ of the governorship decision.

Aliyu had gone to the Tribunal looking to upswing the triumph of Gov. Tambuwal of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the 2019 Governorship decision.

Equity Abbas Bawale fixed the date for gatherings to embrace their individual locations after contentions.

NAN reports that Tambuwal, through his Counsel, Mr Emmanuel Ukala, SAN, on Wednesday shut his resistance after he introduced eight observers including authorities of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) who were subpoenaed to affirm.

Likewise the lead counsel for PDP, Mr Akinmuyiwa Akinboro SAN, told the Tribunal that he would not lead any guard observer.

Akinboro said he depended on Tambuwal’s observers just as the rounds of questioning he led on the solicitor’s observers.

During the preliminary, lead counsel for the applicants, Dr Alex Izinyon, SAN, drove 10 witnesses and introduced displays before the tribunal to demonstrate the request.

Mr Alhassan Umar, Counsel to INEC, had likewise not driven any observer as he additionally depended on solicitor’s observers and the interrogations he led.

The primary governorship race, which hung on March 9, was proclaimed uncertain after the abrogation of 75,403 votes which were higher than the 3,413 votes edge between the main up-and-comers.

The re-run was directed on March 23 and Tambuwal won with a thin edge of 342 votes.

Unsatisfied with the result, Aliyu moved toward the tribunal testing the arrival of Tambuwal as the senator choose in light of the fact that the race was defaced with inconsistencies among others.

But it should be recalled that aliyu  and tambuwal were in tribunal case earlier before today.

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What had all the earmarks of being a volte-face, the Counsels of the principal Respondent, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), on Tuesday neglected to create any of the twelve observers they had penultimate week guaranteed to show before the Sokoto State Governorship Elections Petitions Tribunal, sitting in Sokoto.

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tribunal decides atiku 2019

The Gubernatorial Candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto and the Party, have hauled the Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Governor Aminu Waziiri Tambuwal, the PDP and INEC, to the Tribunal, testing the affirmation of Governor Tambuwal as the champ of the 2019 General and Supplementary races, by the Commission.

At the continued sitting of the Tribunal on Tuesday, the primary Respondent, INEC, neglected to introduce its observer. Lead Counsel for the principal Respondent, Barrister Alhassan Umar, unceremoniously told the Tribunal that, they won’t present any observers

He stated, ” we have explored the request and the observers called by the Petitioners. We will depend on the confirmations we have extricated from the questioning of the observers of the Petitioners. We are inside the law and the law permits that. Along these lines, we won’t call any observers.”

In his response, Lead Counsel for the Petitioners, Dr Alex Izinyon, SAN, stated, “they professed to have twelve observers, yet, they have neglected to create them. We are ever prepared.”

The Lead Counsel for the subsequent Respondent, Governor Aminu Waziiri Tambuwal, Barrister Emmanuel Ukala, SAN, responded, “we are really shocked for the first Respondent to state it’s not calling any observers today.”

“This is for the most part since we didn’t calculate that our arranging. This is additionally remembering that; they were given ten days inside which to shield themselves. In this condition, so as to manage the cost of us the chance to accumulate our observers and make pertinent applications for vital subpoenas, we will jump at the chance to start our guard on the first Day of August, 2019.”

The Lead Counsel for the third Respondent, Aare Akinmuyiwa Akinboro, adjusted himself to the accommodation of the subsequent Respondent.

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He included, “we are here today trusting that, we will spend the following a few days overcoming the observers of the primary Respondent. The situation of the main Respondent has completely adjusted whatever courses of action we have made. There is presently a difference in the course of action. The accommodation of the primary Respondent is amiable.”

The Chairman of the Tribunal, Justice Abdullahi Bawale, passionately declined the application for a suspension to first August, 2019, by the Lead Counsel of the subsequent Respondent, Barrister Emmanuel Ukala.

The Chairman asserted, “when we deferred to today, it isn’t just for the primary Respondent to start its resistance, however, for the second and third Respondents. Thus, we are suspending to Saturday, 27th July, 2019. We need to accomplish more to get rid of this case, ideally in the following two months.”

Equity Abdullahi likewise cautioned that, the Court would not further give any superfluous dismissals, saying, “we have yielded excessively, up until now.”

The Chairman later suspended the case to Tuesday, 30th July, 2019, for consistent protection by both the second and third Respondents.

Responding, Izinyon said , “I will regard to the 30th August, 2019, yet there ought not be any stop. The third Respondent should assume control over the implement promptly the subsequent Respondent completions.”

Tending to newsmen soon after the sitting, Izinyon, spoke to, by Dr Hassan Liman, SAN, stated, “it is their case and they have chosen not to call any observers. As the Petitioners, we have said that INEC has committed errors by pronouncing Governor Tambuwal as the champ of the surveys, which were defaced by a great deal of misbehaviors. Along these lines, we need the aftereffects of the races suppressed and for Ahmed Aliyu Sokoto to be so announced as the champ of the races.”



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