Okorocha cautions Ihedioha over taking his university.


rochas warns ikedioha over taking his school

Senator Rochas Okorocha censured the announced take-over of his college by the Imo government – The previous representative blamed his successor for being behind the move.

Okorocha said the state should survey its choice and allude its finding to the lawyer general Senator Rochas Okorocha has advised Governor Emeka Ihedioha to take things simple and think profoundly before making a move against him.

The previous legislative head of Imo state was talking in response to the take-over of his college, Eastern Palm University, which was changed over to an extension of Imo State University. The Nation reports that the previous representative in an announcement by his media helper, Sam Onwuemeodo, said the Committee on the Review of Newly Established Tertiary Institutions blundered by assuming control over his foundation.

Okorocha said the finding of the board of trustees driven by its administrator, Sam Onwuemeodo, ought to have been alluded to the state lawyer general. He stated: “We have perused in the media the announcement credited to Prof. Jude Njoku, executive, Committee on the Review of Newly Established Tertiary Institutions set up by Governor Emeka Ihedioha expressing that, the PDP government in the State has assumed control over the Eastern Palm University and making it grounds of the Imo State University.

“Prof. Njoku was likewise cited to have said that all the recently settled Universities and other Tertiary Institutions worked by the Senator Rochas Okorocha’s organization have been rejected “After these activities by Prof. Njoku’s Committee our response goes along these lines; passing by the terminology and assignment given to the Committee, which is Committee on the audit of Newly Established Tertiary Institutions the Chairman, Prof. Njoku surpassed the activity of the Committee by reporting prompt takeover of the Eastern Palm University and Scrapping all the Tertiary Institutions worked by Okorocha. “What was anticipated from the Committee toward the finish of its task was to present their discoveries or reports to the representative, who might then handover the report to the Attorney-General of the State, to take a gander at all the lawful fixings associated with the foundation of the Universities and others, before making a particular profession on them. “Prof. Njoku’s activity just demonstrated the speed and enthusiasm with which the administration of the day needs to pulverize all the milestone tasks of the APC government in the State which Senator Okorocha had headed”.

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rochas vs ihedioha

He said the establishment was open and private association adventure and that the state government ought to have analyzed the lawfulness of its development before making a move. “The administration would have taken a gander at the thoughts or vision behind the structure of the foundations and their favorable circumstances both present moment, and long haul and after that take things simple with them, in lieu of being hurried in Scrapping them. “Clearly, the representative was taking a gander at the man behind the Institutions, Okorocha, rather than taking a gander at their in-fabricated benefits both now and in the closest future. “We need to let Governor Ihedioha realize that Okorocha had completed eight years as representative and can’t be senator once more.

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He should quit going about as though he is in Contest with the previous senator. “We are stating this on the grounds that the energy with which the senator has been obliterating and ruining all that the previous representative worked to set up, has turned out to be troubling to all Imo individuals, and others as well. Every one of the offices Okorocha used to improve Owerri, the State Capital, have all been expelled as though INEC declared him senator for evacuating or devastating all that Okorocha constructed. He said since Ihedioha progressed toward becoming senator, his solitary spotlight has been on annihilating and dishonor the heritage of his antecedent. “We offer to Governor Ihedioha to take things simple and consistently think profoundly before following up on issues as opposed to doing generally”.

In the mean time, several women in Imo arranged a challenge on Wednesday, July 31, to grumble about the supposed strike allotted on the daughter of Okorocha.


  1. How much does a Governor earn to afford a University, or is it a Pigsty, Cattle shed, Chicken pen and Horse Stable infrastructure University?


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