Ihedioha Destroys Freedom Park Akachi Tower, Citizens Reacts!


ihedioha takes down freedom park akachi

The Imo state government has purportedly demolished a few landmarks worked by the Okorocha organization

The destruction of the vacation destinations has allegedly sparked shock in the state Governor Emeka Ihedioha is yet to release an official articulation on the issue or react to bits of gossip about his inclusion Residents of Imo state capital, Owerri on Thursday, August 1 woke up to see the Freedom Park, worked by the prompt past senator, Rochas Okorocha demolished.

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The destruction of the vacation spot has sparked shock in the state. Residents state the park manufactured scarcely two years prior, was torn down in an egregious demonstration of power and decreased to a heap of iron and cement. Freedom Park, or Freedom Square as it is likewise called, is one of the attractions raised by Okorocha during his term as senator.

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The park was where everybody is equivalent regardless of legislative issues and religion and has turned into a problem area for late-night revelers and vacationers.

While most residents are at a misfortune to clarify the basis behind ihedioha destroying the freedom park akachi.

freedon park tower akachi destroyed

there is a general conclusion that the destruction was requested by new Imo state Governor, Emeka Ihedioha. In May, another vacation spot worked by Okorocha, Akachi Tower, was cut down.

During its initiation, Okorocha said Akachi Tower implied the liberal hand of God over the state.

The tower, highlighted a winding staircase, bested by an insubordinate clench hand. During his residency, Okorocha raised numerous structures as a feature of his endeavors to turn Imo state, and Owerri specifically, into a tourism center point.

Senator Emeka Ihedioha is yet to release an official proclamation on the issue or react to bits of gossip about his association in the destruction. Steve Osuji, the exceptional counselor to the senator, nonetheless, said that Ihedioha doesn’t know about the destruction and he is as yet bustling attempting to sink into his new office.

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In the interim, Senator Okorocha was as of late named the executive, committee on culture and tourism of the ninth Senate. The previous Imo state senator put vigorously in tourism during his organization and furthermore made a service of satisfaction.

As a major aspect of its drive to improve Imo’s tourism possibilities, the Okorocha’s organization assembled iconic statues of African legends in the state capital, Owerri. but the case of ihedioha destroying freedom park akachi, could it be a way to get back to Rochas.


  1. I don’t feel it’s right to destroy the state properties, for the mere fact that state funds were expended for the constrcutions. I hope the present gobt is not the wasteful time.

    I’m never a supporter of Rochas, as a matter of fact I was glad when his in law lost the election. But leaders, let’s have a continued govt such that we develop on legacies not destroy or abandon them. One Nigeria, one unity


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