RevolutionNow: Biafran Protesters Threatens Eastern Governors


biafran threatens eastern governors

Despite their attempts to safeguard the area during the 30 month civil war, Biafran demonstrators accused the five governors in Nigeria’s south-east area of leaving them. This was because they were threatening to vote out  governors and political parties that didn’t care about them.

The veterans, who spoke during a flag-off of a political movement, People’s Restoration Movement (PRM) in Awka, the Anambra state capital, called on politicians in the zone to come to their aid by rehabilitating them as they have for long been incapacitated, since after the war.

Commander of the Veterans in Anambra State, Rtd. Major General Emmanuel Onwuegbuna, who spoke on behalf of the veterans, said it was appalling that people they fought for including their children that ought to consider their plight have abandoned them upon getting to power.

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“We demand that all the state governors, lawmakers and other political leaders in the zone must come together to rehabilitate us.

“We fought for them to live. But instead of them to reciprocate the kind gesture by providing us with welfare packages including medical care and shelter, they abandoned us to our fate.

“If after this event we don’t hear from them, we will mobilise our members who are alive to stop them from attaining any political positions.

“We will rather support those who can carter for our needs. We have started gathering data of our members. All of us will join force with People’s Restoration Movement (PRM) to vote out any government or political party in power at any level that is against us,” he stated.

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Onwuegbuna said it was rather painful that while the Nigerian government was taking care of war veterans who fought on the federal side, those who fought on the Biafran side were abandoned.

He also blamed the Nigerian government for failing to deliver on its promise of rebuilding, rehabilitating and reforming the South East after General Yakubu Gowon announced no-victor-no-vanquished stand at the end of the conflict.


  1. There is no link between BIAFRA restoration and the Yoruba/ sowore revolution now. So in your gutter media, don’t you ever connect the two. Otherwise, AMADIOHA will twist your neck. Sebi you guys “Sai baba” is in charge of your ZOO.We are WATCHING. ALL HAIL BIAFRAN. But we must continue.

  2. BIAFRA MY FOOT,you fought for your selfish interests and when you are defeated you think we would be your conduit pipe to the wealth you kicked against?if you are old go to your children you trained not the ones that don’t recognize you.

  3. I am sure that these comments are coming from people who are the products of Biafran girls who eloped with Hausa soldiers at the end of the war


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