Breaking!: Ijebu To Fight Herdsmen With Charms


ijebu to attack herdsmen with charms

An Ifa Priest, Chief Adebola Adetimehin, worried about the intrusion of Ijebuland by alleged herdsmen, abductors and robbers, threatened that the Ijebus would go spiritually to put an end to the area’s uncertainty.

Adetimehin, who is the Oluwo Ifa of Ijebuland, said he and other traditionalists in Ijebuland would no longer fold their arms, adding that the rising cases of killings and kidnapping have become unbearable in the Ijebu axis of Ogun State.

While speaking in an exclusive interview with sportywap in Ijebu-Ode, the Oluwo Ifa asked all Ijebu indigenes to fortify themselves with charms to prevent being killed like chickens by herdsmen or bandits.

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He said that fortifying oneself with metaphysical powers did not negate any religious belief, adding “God is the creator of leaves and other things used in preparing local charms.”

The Ijebu leader expressed sadness that the entire area had been invaded by “Fulani herdsmen”, who he said have been making the area insecure.

“We are no more secure in Ijebuland. Fulani herdsmen have invaded our land. There are villages where they have totally taken over. Even on our major roads, they put ‘cattle crossing’ symbols. What an insult!

“See how kidnappers and bandits operate on our roads as well. This becomes inappropriate. Time has come to use what we have adopted from our forefathers to fight against these vicious herdsmen and kidnappers. We’re going to use charms, metaphysical powers of Ijebu,” he replied.

When asked if charms would be efficient in confronting bandits carrying AK 47 riffles, Adetimehin declared, “they’re all going to run with their riffles.”

In this case of ijebu to fight herdsmen with charms, i think it shouldn’t be made known to the herdsmen yet.

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  1. Ijebu,if you want to fight herdsmen with charm …must you inform publicity before fighting? I don’t understand you people…

  2. That’s why it’s difficult for any tribe to forge political alliance with the Yorubas!

    Everything is charm, charm, charm! Why not think and plan strategically, can’t the Ijebus rise up send the herdsmen packing. Be informed that the Fulanis have their own charms to!!


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