Ogun Indigenes Mocks Governor For Underrating Obasanjo

ogun indigenes mocks governor for underating obasanjo

A group of Ogun indigenes concerned has mocked Ogun State Governor Dapo Abiodun for allegedly underrating former President Olusegun Obasanjo during his visit to President Muhammadu Buhari

The indigenes, under the aegis of Ogun Concerned Progressives, said Abiodun goofed for not acknowledging Obasanjo as one of the great indigenes of Ogun State who had played important roles in the development of Nigeria; saying posterity and history would not forgive the governor.

Abiodun had on Tuesday, July 30, led a delegation of 62 Ogun indigenes on a ‘thank-you’ visit to President Muhammadu Buhari in Abuja for conferring the highest honour of the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic (GCFR) on the presumed winner of the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election, late Chief MKO Abiola, who is a son of Ogun State.

Abiodun mentioned the previous and living heroes and heroines of Ogun State in his speech at the meeting with President Buhari, who he said had performed critical roles before, during and after the independence of the nation.

He mentioned the likes of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Rev’d Ransome Kuti, Mrs. Funmilayo Ransome Kuti, Professor Wole Soyinka, Professor Olikoye Kuti, Dr. Beeko Kuti and Sen. Olabiyi Durojaiye.

Others listed in his speech included: Chief Segun Osoba, Chief Earnest Sonekan, Chief Olabisi Onabanjo, Pa. Anthony Asiwaju and Chief Biyi Afonja.

However, the Concerned Ogun Progressives, in a statement signed by Olusegun Showunmi, expressed dissatisfaction that Obasanjo’s name was missing on the list of Ogun heroes, describing Abiodun as a hypocrite and an unserious child who seems not to remember his father’s name.

“It baffles us to note that a governor, who is still standing on one leg, could, even before finding his feet, allow his handlers to make him seem like an unserious child that cannot even remember the name of his father. Or how else can one explain the omission of the name of our father, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, from the list of Ogun State indigenes, who have made and have continued to make invaluable contributions and sacrifice for the Nigerian nation, by a man who says he is fit to lead a state as great as Ogun?” he stated.

Showunmi, who described the visit as a jamboree to waste Ogun state resources, recalled how Obasanjo was jailed and almost killed by the then Head of State, late Major Gen. Sanni Abacha, for standing against the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election.

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He also noted that Obasanjo played major roles in fighting for the nation during the civil war; adding that Gov. Abiodun attempted to rewrite or falsify Nigeria’s contemporary history because of ‘pointless politics’.

“One cannot forget in a hurry that Obasanjo himself went to jail and even escaped death by a hair’s breadth in the hands of the goons of the late head of state, General Sani Abacha, over his attempt to find a way for the nation out of the logjam that resulted from the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election. He still bears the scars of the inhuman treatment he was subjected to while in prison.

“How then would anyone, who is not acting in bad taste to massage the egos of some benefactors, choose to side step the most eminent son of Africa, living? This, definitely, is the Governor’s first needless major goof,” the statement read.

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Showunmi submitted that the “unwarranted omission of Obasanjo’ s name was deliberate in order to “discount or discountenance Obasanjo’s contributions” to the nation.

“As citizens of Ogun State, we reiterate that for anyone, especially in the mould of the governor to choose, on such an occasion, to discount or discountenance Obasanjo’s invaluable contributions to nation-building is, to say the least, to do a great disservice to the country itself, the current and future generations.”

He added that “Those who decided to be sycophantic in the presence of President Buhari at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, over an issue they should have been dispassionate and unbiased about, should have known that the President, who has always acknowledged Obasanjo as his boss, would be discerning enough to see, through their antics, that they are confirmed hypocrites that will do the same to him when the table turns. We are sure that posterity and history would not forgive them for this travesty of justice.”

The declaration claimed that “Obasanjo is statesman and an eminent international figure whose image would stay bigger than life in the arena of global politics, irrespective of whatever adverse image his person attempts to paint locally, now and forever.”

“His place of honor in the Nigerian nation’s history, nobody can deny or extirpate the fight for liberty and peace in Africa, no matter how hard they attempt. He’s still legend alive.”


  1. Am sure, this boy called Showunmi is just ranting, if Obasanjo went to prison, who put him in? It was his boys in the military. I think we need to ask Showunmi what is the direct benefits Ogun enjoyed from Obasanjo’s leadership.

    Probably he forgot you forgot your father’s name too when you were campaigning against him, how on earth you expect him to recognise your who did all possible humanly for him not to become the governor. Mr Showunmi, when you finish wailing let us know.

  2. Goofed……no be small.
    Those who do not appreciate the labour of our elder statesmen will never live to be elders….talk less of being elder statesmen.
    Obasanjo is our prominent elder statesman…..and will forever be Buhari’s boss.

  3. Obasanjo went to prison alongside with Yaradua not because of June 12 saga but because Abacha arrested them for coup. Obasanjo was among the shadow characters behind annulment of June 12 election. Obasanjo is a hero to his family not for Ogun or Yoruba nation.

  4. Either one likes or hates his face, General, Dr., Chief Olusegun Aremu Obasanjo remains the greatest Nigerian living or dead. He does not belong to Ogun alone but a Nigerian and World citizen. New song will be sang after 2023 by sycophants of our time. Those that did it yesterday, where are they today?.

    • I agree with You Ade, the former President Obasanjo is a great NIGERIAN and a World class leader. No one whose senses are working will omit his name in such gathering. The so-called governor and the unbalanced Buhari cannot come close to Obasanjo’s achievements in Nigeria.

        • It’s unfortunate to have Abioduns type as governor especially for that great state.
          We all know that their party is propagandist party by the propaganda and their followers. The indegene should fights not to allow Tinubus politics to prevail. No respect for leadership but only him.
          God will remove you and disgrace you if you continue this way.
          Ogun indigene should learn from Ondo and Ekiti state for refusing undemocratic and outsider to rule them. Is their any leader that has done more than Chief OBJ in Nigeria.
          Omo a se be fun o. Amin

  5. The network you’re charting with now came from OBJ’S efforts as president,that Sudanees in Aso rock with sickler sells will soon die because he’s fake.
    What has the most stupid and confused president of some part of Nigeria done for this country, nothing but making us the poorest nation on earth.
    God punish APC and Buhari.Atiku is coming…..

  6. Anyone who supports Buhari will die by fire this year, and if u hate Obasanjo so much,please throw your phone and network away….Na him bring am come.

  7. Hmmmmm, Gov. Dapo & co. You really pass your boundary. Ti oju akata ba l’ewo, enu adie ko lati ngbo.. Omo ase iru e fun gbogbo yin o. Dr. Mathew Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo has a combined achievement that no Nigerian can possibly achieve in a foreseeable future. Thumb up for General

  8. I am a true Nigerian, I think the Governor was not in his right senses to omit the name of former President Obasanjo. The foundation that the man led is what this governor and his so called Buhari is currently destroying. Shame on the so-called Esau-type Governor that is selling his brother for Buhari that has no plan for Nigeria. I hope he will not lead the state as Buhari is leading and destroying Nigeria.

  9. “what goes around comes around”
    OBJ omitted many in his time too. Let him deal with it. Nothing stay the same for ever. This type of issue do not border OBJ. Why carry a load which is not yours? Baba Iyabo dey kampe.

  10. That was a big mistake…!
    How can a governor make such..?
    Former President Olusegun Obasanjo is a hero of all time.
    God bless him

  11. Must every body be fearing Obasanjo? Obasanjo who alongside his cronies have milked this country dry will still be commanding that recognition of this like in Ogun, then I pity his people who only believe in celebrating wicked thieves of his like. Take a look at his associate Babangida in Niger State how is he addressed in his locality?

  12. No way one can sweep baba under the carpet, he is larger than life itself. Its God that has raised him up, and if you look at it in another way, the poor Governor may not mention his name because of the poor relationship baba has with the President, sure the governor will need support for Ogun people, and bringing in babas name might not help his case too. Iam sure he must have weighed it before presenting people that will be acceptable.
    Pls am using this medium to advise those who are close to baba not to attract insults to himself again, i know he is tough in nature, but when you are old like this, you stop going to war. Let him do all softly, look at Gowon, they respect him everywhere. Biko baba. Sofly, softly.

  13. OBJ is a hero and Will always remain one. Does the governor know when the civil war was fought and the likes of OBJ that saved NIGERIA from disintegrating let him go do his research. Mumu governor.

  14. It’s only fools who called themselves indigenes of Ogun State will not called a spade a spade. Do you know what it’s mean to be a President of a Country for 8years without nothing tangible or concrete that you can point to in your State. Even Amosun that you all turned back to now is the only that can still boast of this track records through construction of bridges, roads, houses etc. in that your state capital, Abeokuta. And if not I don’t think people will visit that your formal rotten capital let alone coming in to relax if not for AMOSUN. Why would someone who had ruled this nation not even once cannot have anything he can boast of doing in terms of projects and infrastructures in his own state. What a self centered and greedy human being to ever live this planet called earth. Haba…. No one can point to a single project he did for common people of this state except his own projects namely obasanjo library ( he didn’t even use his money to build this,the money was contributed), bell university and his farms not to mention refineries in some Africa countries. This generation will never get to their promise land unless they speak the truth by calling a spade a spade. It’s not a curse, it’s what will happen if you fail to speak the truth. Why this current generation are so rotten to the extent that they only listen to those elites who had been impoverishing them through their selfish actions over the years now. You better wake up from your slumber. Just because your person doesn’t support buhari govt that doesn’t mean you should join him to fight in a journey that you don’t know where it will lead you to, because people like him only think of himself. Have you ever heard that your person helped a less privileged, dying hospital patients before right from the day you were born to this world. Think… Think.. and Think…. Fight for yourselves only. Stop supporting old cargoes who have nothing tangible to do for this country except few repented ones. Wake up from your slumber. We can change this country to our own kind of country of our dream if we all go against those that are truly parasites in this country.

  15. This is how Yoruba sell their birth right,who is Abiodun to Obasanjo,that he would forget a man that the world is celebrating today.Dapo Abiodun is another okorocha

  16. Please it’s very important that we understand the issue raised, the governor listed the names of Ogun indigenes that has contributed greatly to this nation, not Ogun state. Omitting Chief Obasanjo’s name from the list is not only a big mistake, it’s wrong, very very wrong, it’s unacceptable, not even by a sitting governor of the state, please let’s call a spade a spade.

  17. When you are elected to the position of a state governor…. you become the governor of all sides irrespective of political affiliation..
    The governor will come and deal squarely with the synchopants just the same way Amosun dealt with members of the APC during his second term..

  18. A prophet is without honour in his home town, ba mi no ves na small pickin dey worry am.small pickin no know medicine I dey call vegetable, respect sir My adapted father. Long life and good health for you sir.this is how you people did not appreciate late baba Awo’s efforts while alive, until after his death. Have you ever hear a northern criticised or disrespect their past or present leaders whether they performed or not Yoruba race think, it is time for you to change. Don’t mind my English lam not a PhD graduate, thanks.

  19. Whatever, OBJ like all others who have and are still contributing to the progress of the nation should be accorded the due respect.

  20. Who is this guy, which Obasanjo fought for June 12? He must be paid by Obasanjo. What good deed has Obj done to Ogun if no to enrich himself. Posterity will judge you and your godfather for trying to re-write history.

  21. Hahahaaaaaaaaaaa, funny people, did Obasanjo’s government recognise June, 12th? Why didn’t Obasanjo did what Buhari did by honouring MKO Shilpa? Please, please you people should stop making nasty comments and rebuking the governor. Think deep.

  22. The criticism is unfair to the Governor. Sowunmi and his cohorts can go to hell with their father. This boat can not be rocked. Lets give piece a chance. The Governor remain the voice of the Ogun people for now. Period!!!

  23. I’m not from Ogun state,but yet proud of President Obasanjo.The economy of Nigeria was revamped during President Obasanjo’s regime.So,for any Nigeria to ignore President Obasanjo’s is to be eternally ungrateful.

  24. Shame on you showunmi,I can see that you are seeking attention where you will never get one,what has OBJ done to deserve ovation in the first place?

  25. If Obj did nothing in Ogun State and Nigeria in general his position in military government and influence brought alive the State and Abeokuta as capital.

  26. I am a non partisan individual. I am very very disappointed in the behavior of the so called governor. It is extremely childish and immature for him to behave like that and he has completely lost the respect I have for him by so doing. A governor must be seen as a sincere person. For him to have deliberately omitted Obasanjo’s name has revealed that he is the most untruthful citizen of Ogun state and a cheap liar and sycophant. I am sure even Buhari will be surprised and disappointed in what the governor did. The governor’s sense of judgment and integrity is seriously in doubt. A governor forgot a son that risked his life to fight for unity of Nigeria? He forgot to mention Ogun state indigene that ruled Nigeria for 8 years? An indigene of Ogun state that brought GSM to Nigeria and make it possible for the rich and poor to communicate effectively. What a shame on this brainless governors and his stupid sycophant advisers. Just as someone wrote, they will do the same to Buhari if the table turns in future.

  27. Propagandist in action.
    Can you imagine dirty comment about Obasanjo by unknown contributors. Kindly mention your name, but you will not. Their names are scaring ‘unanimous’ ‘chucks akin’ these are paid agents to protect and rubbish the good contributions of a good Nigerian.
    Let their leader praise Obasanjo today, same people will start to praise songs him.
    2011 Obasanjo is a thief, 2015 Obasanjo is best leader, 2019 Obasanjo is evil. I trust your leader, comes 2023, Obasanjo may be God. Why do you think corruption should continue, you this political almajiris.
    I’m sure you have watched the interviews of Abiodun before the election. Does he deserve to be governor.
    Gov Abiodun Burdillon my advise for you is to build a good leadership in yourself. Work to half Amosuns achievement.
    Ire o!

  28. To delete Obasanjo’s name from Nigeria’s greats by any Nigerian is sheer pettiness, how much more the governor of Ogun state. This act confirms that square pegs fill round holes in Nigeria. Even if you staggered into the state house remember, statesmen have expected qualities.


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