Rennes supporters who clashed with Neymar officially lodges complaint against him


Rennes supporter who clashed with Neymar officially lodged a complaintL’Equipe has reported that Rennes supporter who clashed with Neymar officially lodged a complaint with prosecutors in the Paris town of Bobini over last season’s French cup final incidence , accusing the Brazilian of using violence against him.

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The French giants lost the French cup final on penalties on April 27 after PSG led 2-0 at half-time to Rennes’ 2-2. As he collected his runner-up medal, Neymar fought verbally and physically with a Rennes fan in the stands, who was slapped in the face by the Brazilian.

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And according to L’Equipe, the Rennes supporter who clashed with Neymar had initially said he wanted to meet the Brazilian to bring the matter to an end.

People close to the former Barcelona star also met with the fan, but eventually the Rennes supporter who clashed with Neymar took the matter to court.

In an interview, Philippe Ohayon, the lawyer for the Rennes fan, said he was disappointed by the prosecutor’s indifference: “I warned my client that his role could be reversed and he could be guilty.

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“If this continues, he will be forced to Sue. We are deeply disappointed by the prosecutor’s total indifference to this matter, which is a distortion of values.

“Because if my client had hit Neymar, there’s no doubt that the judiciary would have taken it seriously.

“If the prosecutor doesn’t do anything about our charges, it means we can be ridiculed or accused of attacking people without fear of prosecution.”

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