Ohanaeze Blasts Buhari For Underrating Igbos


Ohanaeze Blasts Buhari For Underrating Igbos

Ohanaeze Ndigbo’s President-General, Chief Nnia Nwodo, assaulted President Muhammadu Buhari for failing to enforce the community study established by the All Progressive Congress, APC, to restructure the nation.

The APC had set up a committee on restructuring headed by the Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai and they came up with the report that was accepted by the national leadership of the party.

Nwodo said the President has not been faithful to his manifesto, adding that he (Buhari) is looking for his own personal interest.

Nwodo, speaking on Arise TV, said the military carefully structured the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria against Ndigbo.

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The Ohanaeze Ndigbo President-General noted that the constitution was based on extreme discrimination and jaundiced against the Igbo people.

“The military designed a constitution at the end of the war to contain the Igbo.

“We have the smallest number of local governments of all the six geopolitical zones; smallest number of representatives in the National Assembly; the smallest number of local government councils, two states in the North West of Nigeria have as much local governments as we have in the South East,” he said.

“The president was not loyal to his manifesto. His party set up reorganization committee led by Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, after winning the election, and they made this report as approved by his party’s domestic management,” he added.

“And when he faced interviewed by the press, he said that our problem was not structure but process.

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“He swallowed his policy platform he swallowed his domestic executive committee’s choice, and he says we seek our private interest. Rather, it is the president who seeks his own private interest,” Nwodo said.


  1. Live past president and work ur own Nigeria no who work for them, the country is in trouble May God come and help us May have eyes but can not see

  2. PMB is not the problem of the IBO’s,but their quest for money.Come 2023,they will field more presidential candidate more than other Geo political zones put together.

  3. Truth is bitter! Nwodo should ask himself if he is not only working for his own interest? restructuring he is talking about is not igbo policy and that does not get the issue he mentioned sokved in anyway. Nwodo should knkw that yorubas who actually own this restructuring thing has since abandoned it. what is at stake now is who ocupies aao rock come 2023. is time to mend fences with ither ethinic regions and not to be confrontational which has not achieved anything. i see no achievement his confrobtational has achieved for Ndigbo.
    he better wake up and start consultation which yorubas started long ago with thier vote.
    soon he will be crying maginalisation when he insulted buhari on the day he came to Enugu to campaign. by his myopic view he was busy leaking( taking bribe) Atikus ass.
    Nwodo you have misled Ndigbo. resign or keep quiet!

  4. Chukwubuezeogeniile, you comment against Nwodo is disappointing. It is very unfortunate that such an understatement will come from you.
    Please rethink.

  5. The man saying IBOS will fill many candidates has forgotten Obasanjo and olu falaye in 1999.Don’t continue to mock the ibos pls


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