South-East Governors Warns Nnamdi Kanu


South-East Governors  has warned Nnamdi Kanu, the head of the prohibited indigenous people of Biafra (IPOB), about his threats to attack them and other South-East rulers overseas.

In a statement signed by Ebonyi State Chairman and Governor, David Umahi, the Governors said that if Kanu were to make his threat real, they would deport him back to Nigeria to face the people’s anger

Recall that Senator Ike Ekweremmadu was at the weekend attacked and assaulted at Nuremberg Germany where he was invited as keynote Speaker and special guest of honour at the occasion of annual new yam festival and convention of Ndigbo in Germany.

Few minutes after the attack, IPOB claimed responsibility in a press statement released by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful.

This was also followed by a broadcast by Kanu through the group’s radio in which he also corroborated the earlier statement and maintained that the Southeast Governors and other Igbo politicians must receive Ekweremmadu’s treatment any time they were seen in public abroad.

The attack on Ekweremadu by IPOB has received condemnation from all quarters and South-East Governors in the statement described the attack as a display of shame and ignorance.

The Governors said they have noted the threats of Kanu who they alleged is fighting for his self interest but pretending to be fighting for Ndigbo and would soonest expose him if he doesn’t retrace his steps.

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They said if Kanu is serious let him direct his members whom he claimed live in over 100 countries to fight the foreign killer herdsmen in those countries.

They, however, assured the people of the region that they would continue to protect them against killer herdsmen and other insecurity and won’t be distracted by cheap talks.

The statement read: “South-East Governors are saddened with the ugly display and dance of shame by IPOB in Germany in attacking one of the finest leaders of Ndigbo, Senator Ike Ekweremmadu. We totally condemn it as we weep for them as they never knew the implication of their naked dance in public.

“We have also noted the empty threats by Mr. Nnamdi Kanu (a former ordinary Member of MASSOB) to attack Governors of South-East, Ohanaeze leadership and other Igbo politicians for not supporting the self-acclaimed supreme leader in his self-fight for the raw power and wealth while pretending to be fighting for Ndigbo.

“We wish to warn that should any Southeast person be attacked anywhere in the world, we shall, by all means, bring back Kanu to Nigeria to face the wrath of our people. It is madness for anyone who wants raw power with no experience to think that we Governors will support the killing of our people giving out our scarce land to herdsmen.

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“If Kanu is serious, let him direct IPOB to fight those foreign killer herdsmen in their countries of origin since he claims the IPOB is in over 100 countries in the world.

“If Kanu who was previously in MASSOB but needed power and money wants Biafra and he is the self-acclaimed supreme leader, let him come back home with his army and guns to lead us to battle for the empire he desire to lead other than cheap talks. Soonest Ndigbo will know him better.

“We guarantee our individuals that we are doing so much to safeguard them from killer herdsmen and other issues of insecurity. We’ve been kidnapping and cultism to near zero point in the Southeast as well.

“We are dedicated to our people’s safety and well-being and will never be distracted by inexpensive discussions.”


  1. That’s are the languages they used to put fear on the I literate few and those who don’t know what freedom and libration means.
    Were KANU claim of 100 of ipob countries can he tell the world. any that Fulani herdsmen are controlling.
    They just harass ordinary senator see how every where is boiling that to tell you that they have turn themselves as a mini god that don’t care how the masses feels.
    George w bush was beaten with shoe and heaven did not falls.
    Mr Umahi you are a public servants text the popularity of your comments and check if it will not fall below pass mark that is how to lead.

  2. Please can someone tell Umeahi that upon being a governor of a state Mazi Nnamdi Kalu is popular than him both in his state, southeast, Nigeria and world over. You are in your sheet hole talking go to Europe and talk and let’s see what will happen. A real leader reflects on issues not by making empty treat, the sycophants that surrounds you do not allow you to know how popular you are,you threatened that should Mazi Kalu continue with his threat to the governors he will be brought into the country to face his people, my dear governor, which of his people? You don’t know that if you are placed side by side with Mazi Nnamdi Kalu you will first be stoned to death before seems the office of governor made you not to understand the level of anger against some of you leaders.


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