IPOB Gives Condition To Forgive Igbo Leaders


The Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) calls on Igbo extraction elected office holders to repent in order to prevent the kind of attacks that their members committed last week in Nuremberg, Germany, against Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

Mr Chika Edoziem, the organisation’s Head of Directorate of State, stated this in a press statement he made available  in Awka,state capital of  Anambra State.

It said that political leaders from the South-East can still make amends by turning a new leaf, but stated that if they refused, members of the organization will continually attack them overseas.

IPOB added that it was considering adding the entire political leaders in Nigeria into its attack list, saying that they have continually impoverished Nigerians while investing in posh houses abroad and also educating their children in the best institutions of the world.

“Morally upright people from around the world have commended the Indigenous People of Biafra for once again showing Nigerians the path that will lead them to liberation, that is, if they wish to be liberated.

“As for we Biafran people, our objective is clearly set before us and our destination is a liberated and fully sovereign Biafran nation.

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“Taa kabu gboo (opportunity still exists) for every politician of Biafran extraction slavishly serving the Islamic Sokoto Caliphate to retrace their steps and avoid this certainty of this onrushing rage from the masses and true owners of the land.

“This battle which IPOB has embarked upon will be at a time, place and methodology of our own choosing. It is imperative to state that in making that choice, there will be no differentiating between the subservient Biafran politician(s) who see nothing and hear nothing wrong when Biafraland is under Fulani military siege and their caliphate masters that dehumanize, abduct, torture and murder at will.

“As we march ahead in this sacred cause to restore our honor and dignity as a people no obstacle, be it human or material will be allowed to stand in our way. Very soon we shall show Dave Umahi the Fulani slave in Ebonyi Government House that IPOB has not only the capacity and reach but also the power through the grace of Chukwuokike Abiama to achieve our set objectives and fulfill our promise to the living and the dead.”

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The separatist group added, “We are getting ready in all the world’s civilized nations for them and their trumpeters.

The tale of their embarrassment in overseas organizations will become a topic of research. Our fight has moved to the international arena where every eye watches and takes note of it.


  1. IPOB .That is a show of COWARDICE The weak fellow runs away from the enemy and goes to fight his own brother. The Igbo proverb says it all. . . . The chicken left the knife that slaughtered it and bent her neck in indignation to the pot . SHAME COWARDS . Is Biafra land in Europe ?

  2. It’s a pity that some people are ignorant and has made themselves slaves,and refused to be FREE. Cowards ,continue to criticize IPOB,but the sooner you accept their view,and JOIN them,the better for you.

  3. I am a yoruba and l totally support what they did in Germany because if that attack did happen they wont know how it is very difficult for families in Nigerian to feed or send their children to school but them will send their own children to highest institution in broad paying ridiculous amount of fee so they want best for their own children but what about other children who haven’t got that privilege so they should have killed him so it will send a exemplary to other Nigerian politicians that there aren’t way for them to hide . That country has to break because we are tried oo.

  4. Why Kanu should be one of the ndigbo elites that should be attacked? Why had he abandoned his people in the face of operation python dance? Why didn’t he remain in Nigeria to complete what he had started, if he is so passionate about liberating ndigbo? He had abandoned his people and enjoying looted funds he made from IPOB activities. Can he give ndigbo a good audit of money he had collected in pursuance of IPOB? These good questions a conscience mind should ask Kanu and mentally making noise on what they don’t have capacity to achieve.

  5. I agree with you too. I am not an IPOB member but I am of the viewports that what IPOB members did in Germany should not be limited to Igbo politicians alone, let it be done to every Nigerian politician. If this is done to them, perhaps the politicians will have enough incentive to improve the country for all Nigerians.

    IPOB, keep doing, everywhere in world, what you did in Germany. Attack them and their children wherever they are sighted overseas. Stop their children from attending those good institutions of higher learning overseas. Attack their posh houses. Disrupt their vacations, disrupt their lavish shopping sprees. Do whatever it takes to make life miserable for them overseas.

    Maybe if that happens they will have no choice but to improve the country for everyone.


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