IPOB will make 2023 Presidency difficult for Igbo – Balarabe Musa


The Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Peoples Redemption Party, PRP, Balarabe Musa has hinted that the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, will make their push for 2023 presidency a difficult one following certain attacks on South East Governors.

Musa insisted that IPOB made the emergence of an Igbo presidency in 2023 difficult.city where property worth millions had been destroyed.

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He said this in response to the call for zoning of the presidency to the South East in 2023.

Balarabe Musa in a statement,said: “IPOB are now breeding enemies for the South East. We are campaigning for the presidency to go to the South East, even though zoning was introduced by the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that we are opposed to.

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“It is good for us as a country because it gives every person and area a sense of belonging.

“So we support the zoning and we are saying the presidency should go to the South East and we have our reason. Now, they are making our job even more difficult and they are not helping even the people in the South East .”

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“IPOB is wrong to have attacked the former deputy president of the Senate. Even though we are opposed to them because they are a separatist organisation, because they are an organisation that wants to separate NIGERIA, but we also have sympathy for them because they have genuine grievances.

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“They are now spoiling the little sympathy they have by doing what they did. It is uncalled for, the person they attacked is an individual, not an organisation. I think it’s wrong for them to have done so.

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“They are also making it difficult for us. Even though we are opposed to them as a separatist group, we have sympathy for them because of their grievances.

“But this mindless violence is making them to lose sympathy. I expect them to be concerned with organisations, not individuals; they should engage individuals with reasons. They should stop this violence.”


  1. Boko Haram fight is to have a separate Muslim north , that has not made it difficult for northern presidents emerge. So Igbo must emerge for the sake of peace and justice.

  2. What a rediclous perception, how come the criteria always change when it comes to Igbos, and yet, you wonder why we agitate for our own country.

  3. That is to say…it is not even in your minds to do it /considering it as a step toward for peace and unity,because if boko haram with their killings in North didn’t stop buhari from becoming the president ,how can you say that ipob that have not killed a Bird or any human being be a hindrance to 2023 Igbo president? You should be ashamed of yourself. Referendum remains the only option. For all this hide and see games ….enough is enough.

  4. Balarabe Musa’s thinking.
    While the Igbo political leaders try to disassociate themselves from the IPOB, Balarabe Musa is telling them that the IPOB has “genuine grievances.” He went on to say, “Even though we [ who?] are opposed to them as a separatist group, we have sympathy for them because of their [genuine] grievances.”
    If all Igbo leaders have sympathy for the IPOB because of their “genuine grievances” 1, IPOB would not have been proscribed; 2, Our leaders would not be afraid of associating with the IPOB; 3, The IPOB would have welcomed Ike Ekweremadu in Germany and 4, The IPOB Movement would have been the entire Igbo affair not just Nnamdi Kanu.
    Don’t worry about Igbo presidency for 2023. Any Igbo man or woman thinking about Igbo presidency for 2023, with the fulani herders armed to the teeth all around the Igboland, must be deaf and dumb.

  5. Comment from especially some northerners shows their mindset about the unity and oneness that has eluded Nigeria. So the Boko Haram menaces in the and the recent Kidnappings, and herdsmen killings across Nigeria did not stop the North from producing the president, the attack of the IPOB on a single individual will cause the Easterners from producing the next president of Nigeria? Very interesting. Balarabe Musa’s view speaks volumes. It is a warning shot to those igbokwes, kanus, okorochas and the rest of them warming up the presidency in 2023.

  6. Balarebe Musa didn’t think of Boko Haram or the bandits in the north with guns and bombs yet they became president, now ipob without any a weapon will stopigbo from becoming president in 2023, well I blame the Igbo politicians for all these nonsense.

  7. Of what use will it be that an Igbo man becomes Nigeria president yet the the Igbo populace remains poor ,
    We need a country where graduates will have job to do, where marketers have access to loans , tribalism , nepotism and favouritism is not the order of the day.a country where religious biggottry and extremism is out of the way .


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