Dortmund midfielder, Mario Gotze diagnosed with broken rib


Brussia Dortmund midfielder, Mario Gotze

Borussia Dortmund, midfielder Mario Gotze has been diagnosed with a broken rib and will miss a few of Dotmund’s games.

The 26 years old man\picked the injury prior to Saturday’s Bundesliga match against Hertha Berlin and consequently did not travel to the capital with the Dortmund squad.

In a tweet on his account, Gotze expressed worries over the situation as he remains helpless to the team and prays they succeed during the outing.

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“Due to a broken rib, I cannot help my team in Berlin.

“I keep my fingers crossed for the boys and I hope to play again soon.”Mario Gotze wrote.

However, no time has been specified to when he shall return in action.


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