EPL: Arsenal chief clears air on alleged club’s owners abandonment


Arsenal Chief Vinai VenkateshamArsenal chief, Vinai Venkatesham, has clarifications on reports claiming club’s owners, Josh and Stan Kroenke are losing interest in the Premier League club.

Speculations has been on air that the American billionaire family,also owners of American Football team; an NBA team; an NHL team; an MLS team and a lacrosse team, are no more focusing on the club.

But Venkatesham while speaking in an interview on Arsenal official website said the duo knows sport and are really passionate about Arsenal, explaining their active part in the club’s smooth running.

”It’s a good question. Listen, Stan and Josh Kroenke are in sport because they’re passionate about sport and because they want to win,”

”So when I talk about the strategy around making our fans all across the world proud of their football club and competing to win the Premier League and the Champions League, that doesn’t come from Raul and that doesn’t come from me.

”That comes from our owners.

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”They’re hugely ambitious around where they want to take this football club and they remind us of that all the time. They’re massively involved.

”Between Raul and I, we probably speak to the owners pretty much every day and we have detailed, in-person meetings with them I’d say pretty much every month, whether we alternate between doing them in London or the States.

”They’re hugely involved in what we do, they are hugely knowledgeable about sport.

”It’s well-known that they have an American Football team, an NBA team, an NHL team, an MLS team and a lacrosse team, so they know sport and they’re really, really passionate about Arsenal.

”They’re really passionate about how we can move the club forward, but they’re also realistic.

”They know we’re not going to go from where we are at the moment to delivering our ambition overnight, and they know that there’s going to be a whole load of work along the way to get there.

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”Going back to the earlier question around ownership, all of these initiatives and ideas about how we move the club forward are completely supported by Stan and Josh and their direction is quite simple: every single penny that we generate as a football club is available for us to invest against achieving that ambition, and that is the maximum that we can ask from our owners because that is the maximum allowed through the financial fair play rule,” added the managing director.

”We are feeling really confident about our ability to get there, it’s not going to be easy and there will be plenty of up and downs along the way, but trust me, Raul and I feel those ups and downs as much as anyone but really believe in the direction that we are heading,added the Arsenal chief.


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