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Health Tips: 5 Benefits of Grapefruit

Known to be a fruit rich in Vitamin C, there are many health benefits to grapefruit that many of us are sleeping on. Grapefruit is...

Top pharmaceutical Companies In Nigeria

Pharmaceutical companies in nigeria are many, i dont know if someone do care about them at all, yea, what i mean is when you...

4 Natural Ways to Control Indoor Allergies

You need to read this guide if you think you’re safe at home and can’t be impacted by seasonal or indoor allergies. Unfortunately, the indoor...

8 Health advice for women who are pregnant

Pregnancy is a precious sacrifice involving the creation of another. Therefore, a safe and smooth delivery should be guaranteed. Here are some tips to...

Health Tips: 5 Mistakes You make when you clean your ears

Earwax is fairly gross, well, so it's no surprise that most of us regularly reach for cotton swabs. But here's the rub: with every...

Health Tips: 5 Things that are as deadly or more deadly than smoking

Smoking cigarettes is considered a major health hazard with several warnings that smokers may die young. However, while smoking is not a healthy habit, there are several other risks behaviours and factors that scientists have identified as being more...