How Huddersfield boss,Jan Siewart reacted to his side’s 5-0 defeat


Huddersfield boss Jan Siewart

Huddersfield boss, Jan Siewart said though his side went through a severe punishment in the hands of Liverpool,he is proud they”Huddersfield also put the Reds under pressure as they seek for a silverware glory this season.

Siewart said:”knew they could punish us but I am proud of the way we created chances.

“I feel for the player who made the mistake and everyone felt sorry for him.

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”I have to take care of my player because he is a fantastic character.

”He was outstanding against Wolves but today he made a mistake and we all have to back him.

“No-one expected us to be brave and we could easily have put on our helmets and sit on the back foot but we put them under pressure.

”This is how I want to continue with my work because I know it will deliver results.

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“Jurgen Klopp has proved that at Liverpool where he came in and changed the system, and hopefully now he is playing for the title.

”We all knew they could punish us but I am proud of the way we created chances,the Huddersfield boss,Siewart told reporters after the match.


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