How to Pass POLAC Exams/Screening and Get Admitted


POLAC Screening

There is much fake News going round Social Medias that Admission in polac is giving only when you have a God’s father.

Am here to tell you that it’s a lie, nobody got admission because of Bribing (Connection or whatever you call it).

The Commandant, AIG Zanna is doing a great job by fighting against Bribing in the Academy, POLAC is a well-disciplined school that can’t Accept Bribe or any other form of corruption to Admit Cadets.

Discard any information saying such, although people fall to the hands Scammers and end up regretting it.

There are certain procedures that u need to follow to get Admission easily in POLAC and Avoid Scammers.

Note that Police Academy Exams and Screening is not conducted the same with other Universities.

There are some hard procedures you have to pass through so they can know your Ability and Capacity.

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The Selection Examination is actually simple, Your JAMB combination Subjects and Current Affair is what you really need to focus on.

You must also have important reasons which encourage you to join the Nigeria Police Force; it is also part of the Screening exercise.

POLAC Examination is Computer base, it is at your risk whether you pass or fail. the same procedures with JAMB.

”I will encourage you not to give up. Take a flash back on how you manage to pass your UTME then you will know that they is a possibility that you can make it even more than your JAMB Score’’. One Female Cadet said.

Here are some things you need to do so that you can pass and get admitted easily:

  1. Regular Exercise Everyday
  2. Make Current Affair part of your Life.
  3. Read more About the Program to are going for.
  4. Check POLAC official Website ( often for updates and follow it.
  5. Very Important: Your behaviour while you are still at Academy for Screening really matters.
  6. Make friends with Officers/Cadets to explain more for you.
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More updates coming soon, stay tune!!!!

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