Imo Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim In Dirty Fight With a Lady

Ikedi Ohakim
Imo Former Governor Ikedi Ohakim In Dirty Fight With a Lady

Former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim, was engaged in a dirty fight with a Nigerian woman he had an affair with.

The woman Chinyere Amuchienwa, according to him, assaulted him inside an Abuja hotel room.

Amuchienwa, said to come from Imo State, lives in Lagos where she deals with products of luxury.

Mr Ohakim, 63, served as Governor between 2007 and 2011. He lost the 2019 election when he again contested for the seat in South-East Nigeria.

His has been married to his legal wife, Chioma Ohakim, a lawyer for 39 years and they have 5 children together and grandchildren.

In a petition dated January 20, which he sent to the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, Mr Ohakim said, “On Saturday, January 18, 2020, Miss Chinyere physically assaulted me. She deceived me and lured me with a meeting request. I subsequently invited her to my hotel room at BON Hotel, Asokoro and she arrived at about 20:15 p.m.

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He said she jumped on me, pulling him by his shirt with all her energy when he opened the door to receive her unsuspectingly, and giving him a rough blow.

Mr Ohakim continued, “As I staggered to recover, she rushed for my phone on the table and a struggle ensured (sic). Directly I retrieved the phones from her she immediately rushed to grab something from her bag which I strongly suspected to be a gun.”

According to him, he ran outside his room, screaming for help.

He noted that the incidence can be viewed by the police from the hotel’s CCTV.

He said he “immediately” filed a complaint at a police station in Asokoro against his estranged mistress.

Mr Ohakim said his mistress, Ms Amuchienwa is a 56-year-old divorcee.

He said Ms Amuchienwa has been his friend whom he “lavishly extended a lot of favour to”, adding that she was a major part of his failed 2019 governorship election campaign.

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He however noted that the relationship went sour and ever since, she had tried to “blackmail” and “destroy” him.

He said he was “completely terrified” and wanted the police chief, Mr Adamu, to intervene in the case.

In his petition, he promised that he would provide strong enough evidence to back up his claim. questions

The police replied to the petition from Mr Ohakim, and told him to return to the CID unit. They also asked him to bring specific evidence that he said he had, including any other useful information that might help in the police investigation.

Police commissioner Abdulkadir Jimoh signed the letter he was given.

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