Kizz Daniel reveal why his Relationship is Private

when asked how he has been coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, Kizz Daniel stated that he had been staying safe and recording music.

Kizz Daniel
Kizz Daniel reveal why his Relationship is Private

Popular Nigerian singer, Kizz Daniel has revealed why he decided to keep his relationship private even before he became popular.

Kizz Daniel: “I made the decision to keep my relationship private a very long time before I became famous and I have decided to keep it that way”.

when asked how he coped with the COVID-19 pandemic, he stated that he had been staying safe and recording music.

He said: “Unfortunately, the pandemic has caused global disruption of activities and halted a lot of processes in the entertainment industry. For now, I’m staying safe, resting and recording more music,”

According to him, Sleepless nights is part of him and prices to pay at the early stage of his career.

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Kizz Daniel: “Sleepless nights for sure is number one (sacrifice). I also lost some friends because I was practically on the road after my debut hit song. Every day as an artist, one makes sacrifices.”

he further stated that staying in Lagos State over the years has influenced his approach to life and situations. questions

“Lagos has influenced me a lot, especially my approach to life and situations. This is a very peculiar city and it inspires me daily.”

Asked if he had ever questioned his talent at any point during his career, he said, “I never did and that is the last thing I will do. Music is an art for me and my art is drawn from within my soul. I tell stories about my experiences and that’s why I can never doubt myself.”

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The award-winning vocalist noted that he considers what he does privilege and service to humanity. “I see it as a privilege and service to humanity. My music is curated to bring peace, calmness and love to listeners and it’s heartwarming to see my art being appreciated by fans all over the world,” he added.

He insisted that he had many memorable moments and couldn’t single out one as being the most significant. “Life has been amazing for me and I can only thank God,” 

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