EPL: Mathias Pogba faults Mourinho for Pogba’s past struggles


Mathias Pogba faults Mourinho for pogba's struggles

Paul Pogba’s struggles at Manchester United were all caused by Jose Mourinho, according to Mathias Pogba.

Mathias took to the  media relationship behind the scenes by claiming the former manager’s ego dominated the dressing room.

“It was Mourinho who was the problem,” Mathias Pogba told RMC Sport.

“Mourinho still wants to be the centre of attention. The problem was Mourinho, right down the line.

“In the locker room, outside the locker room…everything, I know my brother, and you tell him, ‘Go. Go play ‘, the rest, he will do it.

“From what we see of Mourinho, he always wants to be the maestro, the centre of attention.

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“(Paul) does not even calculate that aspect: you respect him, he will respect you, you trust him, he will produce big performances.”



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