Messi will feature in Copa America – Sebastián Scaloni


Sebastián Scaloni with messi

Argentina coach,Lionel Sebastián Scaloni has said that football star, Lionel Messi will join the team again for upcoming  Copa America in Brazil thi June.

Speaking in Morocco  ahead their next game on Tuesday,he said he has not discussed the Copa America with Messi since  Venezuela defeated them 3-1 on Friday last week.

”Leo will be in Copa America. It is evident he will be. He showed maximum will here and we see he is very driven,”

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“When the match against Venezuela finished, we talked about the match, not about what is to come. We will work to get a better team”

The star man made a first reappearance in the national tam after he announced retirement in 2018 and was forced out due to injury and still endured an embarrassing 3-1 defeat.

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However, the coach has advised his not be dependent on Messi to win its first title since the 1993 Copa America

“We have to work for that the dependence on Messi not to happen, for every player not to be always drawn to Leo, he will help us win matches, that’s for sure,he added.



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