Mourinho preparing for a return to coaching with ‘full fire’


MourinhoEx Manchester United boss,Jose Mourinho has said his next job will experience “full fire” as he hopes to return to football management soon.

Portuguese has been out of work since leaving Manchester United in December and, despite receiving a number of offers he has kept to his words waiting in his Setubal for a top class job.

“This is basically the first time I have time to think, the first time I am in Setubal at the end of July or beginning of August in more than 20 years,”

“I have some time to think, to rethink, to analyse and what I feel is exactly that ‘Ze’ (Mourinho’s nickname as a boy) is full of fire!

“My friends tell me ‘enjoy your time, enjoy your July, enjoy your August, enjoy what you never had’. Honestly, I can’t enjoy. I am not happy enough to enjoy.

“I miss my football, I have the fire, I have a compromise with myself, with people that love me, with so many fans that I have around the world, so many people that I inspired.

”Ze has to be Ze and Ze until the last day, but I don’t see the last day because my next move will be like the start! I don’t feel it’s just one more year in accumulation of how many years I’ve worked, how many titles I’ve won. That is history, that is the museum!

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“My future will start in my next move and, as I was saying, it looks a little bit ridiculous with so many beautiful things around me and so many things I didn’t [have] for so many years, but I can’t really enjoy my free time.”

The former United boss has not been short of offers since his departure from Old Trafford though.

He rebuffed former club Benfica when they tried to bring him in as head coach in January, while the riches of the Chinese Super League failed to tempt the 56-year-old back into the dugout.

An earlier report this summer by Sky Sports News had it that Mourinho declined a £88m contract the biggest managerial offer in world of football to manage a club in China.

While a return to the game occupies his mind, Mourinho says he is happy to be patient before entering management once again and is keen to link up with an ownership he considers “Mourinhista”.

“The most difficult thing for me is saying ‘no’ to the possibilities,” said the Portuguese.

“I had to work, because, inside of me, I [always] have that impulse of wanting to work. [If] I have an opportunity to work, [I want to say] ‘let’s work’. To say ‘no’ is very, very, very, very difficult.

“Why do I say ‘no’? I say ‘no’ because it’s not [at] the level of challenge that I want. But, with all respect to the possibilities I have had and the clubs involved, I want the right to choose the people who are ‘Mourinhista’ – like people say in Portugal, Spain and Italy – ‘Mourinhista’ is someone who is a fan.

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“The ‘Mourinhistas’ want me where I belong, so, for me now, it’s not a question of [saying], ‘okay I have this offer and I’m going to take it’. I have to be patient and wait for the right opportunity and the right opportunity is one that is at the same size and the same level that I am as a manager.

Asked about the possibility of the Portugal job being his last role, Mourinho said: “Can be. But a national team job for me…one match per month? Lots of office. No Pitch. No matches. Wait two years for a European Championship. Wait two years for a World Cup….no. Still no!

“But, one day maybe, if not Portugal then another team because, when I go to Euros and World Cup, when I am there in the centre of the event I have the feeling that one day I want to do it.

“But then I think, not the job for me. But, maybe one day – and, if it is Portugal, I would be very proud indeed.”


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