Breaking! Native Doctor Jailed For Raping And Impregnating Daughter, 17 years.


native doctor rapes daughter and impregnant

An Evboriaria Chief Magistrates’ Court in Benin, on Thursday condemned a 52-year-old native doctor, Jacob Alonge, to 21 years detainment without choice of fine for assaulting and impregnating his young daughter.

The Chief Magistrate, Dorothy Adamaigbo, sentenced the respondent more than three-tally charge of rehashed rape, fixation wrap of the young lady’s pubic hair, assaulting and impregnating her.

The court condemned Mr Alonge to five years on the principal check of ownership of interest wrap of the young lady’s pubic hair; two years for assaulting and impregnating her and 14 years for rehashed rape.

The main magistrate said the sentence would run simultaneously.

Prior, the arraignment had told the court that the convict submitted the offense in Ososo Village, Akoko-Edo Local Government in Edo.

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The arraignment said that the convict, who turned his daughter to a sex slave for quite a long while, additionally educated her never to lay down with some other man.

Beside assaulting the 17-year-old young lady over and again and impregnating her, Mr Alonge obtained fetus removal for her and shaved the hair in her private parts.

The indictment said that the young lady had turned out to be pregnant a second time when the issue came to open learning and he was captured by the police and summoned in court.

As per the investigator, the pregnant young lady, be that as it may, kicked the bucket alongside four others in a mishap along Benin-Auchi expressway, while venturing out from Ososo to Benin on their way to the court.

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The investigator said that among the dead were the young lady’s uncle, two laborers of a Non-Governmental Organization, Brave Heart Initiative, helping the young lady with the case, and the taxi driver.

The investigator said that in the wake of learning of the car accident, Mr Alonge who had before confessed to the represents a mark against him and was going to be condemned, changed his supplication on the day he discovered that his daughter and the others had kicked the bucket


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