Serie A: Maurizio Sarri accepts £6m Juve job as next manager 


Sarri accepts £6m Juve job

Maurizio Sarri accepts £6m Juve job as the next Serie A Champions manager.

Maurizio Sarri has reportedly accepted £6m Juve job offer to take over from Massimiliano Allegri after Manchester city boss Pep Guardiola claimed not having interest.

The Serie A Champions had announced that Massimiliano Allegri will depart at the end of the season and are looking for a next fit with particular interest in Premier League managers, Guardiola and Sarri.

Since City’s Guardiola earmarked as their No 1 target, is not interested in leaving his current job they have turned to Sarri, who impressed during his time with Napoli to take over after his Europa final against Arsenal on Wednesday.

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Former Chelsea bosses, Antonio Conte and Jose Mourinho were also reported options for Juventus, but according to SNAI sportnews, Sarri has already reached an agreement with the club to replace Allegri.

According to the report,Sarri will earn £6.1million over a three-year contract but will not be officially announced until after the Europa League final in Baku.

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The Italian boss will now need to discuss a financial package with Chelsea in efforts to force through his exit as the blues seek former club star Frank Lampard for his replacement.


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