Speed Darlington recounts his ordeal after battling with an Okada Rider 


Speed Darlington

Speed Darlington went online to narrate his ordeal after a video of him getting into a public fight with an Okada rider went viral.

The internet sensation said that he put a bandage on his hand after being cut by a ceiling fan at the home of a family friend, then made his way to Computer Village in Ikeja to repair his mobile device which fell from his hand when the fan cut him.

However, on the way, police officers saw him and searched his bag where they found Indian hemp, to Speed Darlington’s shock.

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He said the police asked for 500,000 Naira in order to free him. He negotiated and they agreed on 200,000 Naira.

Speed Darlington said he was upset by the bad day he had and the unnecessary expenses he was forced to make as a result. He said he’s fed up with this country and can’t wait to leave Nigeria.

Watch the video below.

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